Teacher Advisory Council

Teacher Advisory Council

Lexington County School District One’s Teacher Advisory Council meets every month during the school year.

Teachers who serve on this committee give district administrators valuable input, feedback, and suggestions about proposed policies, academic calendars, budgets, and many other issues and items each year.

The committee is organized so that only half of the members roll off each year. The members have staggered terms, joining and leaving the council on alternating years. This ensures continuity on the council from year to year.

This is an extremely important committee, and we appreciate the fact that these teachers give their time after school to serve.

Meets when?

Usually the second Tuesday of every month
at 4 p.m.

Meets where?

District Office (100 Tarrar Springs Road)

District Level Teacher Member

Lexington One’s District Teacher of the Year (one year term)

School Level Teacher Members

  • Each school’s current Teacher of the Year (one year term)
  • Each school’s principal selected teacher ( two year term)

Special Notes

If a school’s Teacher of the Year cannot serve for some reason, the seat remains vacant until the next Teacher of the Year is chosen.

Schools with more than 100 teachers get a second principal-selected teacher member who serves a one year term.