FAQs - Centers for Advanced Study

Frequently Asked Questions About the Centers

Are there any fees associated with the Centers?

There are no additional fees just to attend a Center. However, students will be charged a fee for a few individual courses. Such courses generate a fee at all high schools.

Can I attend any Center for Advanced Study in the district?

Yes, students can register to attend any Center in the district.

Do you have to be in the top ten percent of your class or have a certain GPA to register?

No, students do not have to be in the top ten percent or have a certain GPA to register. All students, however, will be expected to complete the rigorous Center course work. They will need to be focused and willing to be challenged.

How much time will students spend at the Center?

Most of the Centers are designed for two blocks of instruction each day (90 minutes for each block) for two to three years. For the upcoming school year, students can enroll in single courses at Lexington Technology Center (Advanced STEM Studies).

If I decide to enroll in a Center and realize it is not for me, can I change my schedule?

Students are encouraged to choose their courses carefully during the registration period. Students and their parents should refer to Schedule Changes on page one of the Course Catalog to acquaint themselves with current procedures.

What if more students register for enrollment than there are seats available?

The District has a procedure to assure all students are given a fair and equal opportunity for acceptance.

What is the criteria for enrollment?

Students must complete a registration form and should have a strong interest in the field of study for the Center in which they are seeking enrollment. Students should review all Center course descriptions in the Course Catalog (some courses may have prerequisites) and consult with parents and their counselor before registering. The only criterion for entrance is the desire to complete all course requirements.

Will attending a Center give me an advantage when applying for college?

Each Center is making connections with institutions of higher education. Most offer some course work that is accepted by colleges and universities (Advanced Placement and Dual Credit). Completion of Center course work will indicate that a student is willing to accept the challenge of rigorous academic studies. This can only be an advantage when applying to college.

Will I be able to stay in band/chorus/orchestra/visual arts and still complete a Center?

Every attempt will be made to accommodate student participation in the arts. Students will need to develop a four year plan with their counselor.

Will I be responsible for transportation if I attend a Center that is located at a different school?

No, the district will provide transportation to and from all Centers. Morning students will be returned to their home school in time for third and fourth block. Afternoon students will be returned to their home school shortly after school is over. However, this may not be in time to catch a bus home, so you will need to make appropriate arrangements if you attend a Center in the afternoon session.

Will I earn a major if I complete all of the course requirements at a Center?

Yes, if all course work associated with a Center is completed, students will be awarded a Center major.

Will I still graduate from my high school?

Yes, Center students will graduate from their home school.