Lexington District One’s plan for an e-Learning Program would allow teachers to continue to teach and students to learn when the district cancels school for inclement weather and other reasons.

The proposed e-Learning program would eliminate the need for the district to build weather make up days into the district’s academic calendar. It would continue current learning for students and prevent them from making up work later.

In October 2019, the district’s Instructional Technology Office began collaborating with the Teacher Leadership Council to develop a plan for the development and implementation of e-Learning. They also consulted other school districts in South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina that already use e-Learning during canceled school days and presented the program to advisory groups made up of parents, teachers, administrators, and others.

Under the proposed plan, students in grades 4–12 would engage in online learning experiences, using digital assignments and resources through learning management systems such as Schoology. 

Teachers would establish online office hours during e-Learning days to offer students support and to monitor student progress on assignments. 

If, for some reason, students could not finish their assignment on an e-Learning day, they would have a five-day grace period to complete all assignments.

Teachers would provide students in 4K through grade 3 hard-copies of assignments that they would also complete from home. These younger students would also receive the five-day grace period to complete assignments.

District administrators and staff who do not teach would gain access to online professional development opportunities they could complete to make up missed work during cancellations.

Before the district can implement the plan, however, it must identify students’ access to devices and the internet, and determine how the district would distribute and collect devices for students with no device at home.

The district would also prepare teachers for the new e-Learning approach by providing professional learning and resources that would help prepare them to use the e-Learning platform with their students.

The e-Learning plan must be approved by the district’s Board of Trustees and the South Carolina Education Oversight Committee before it could implement the program in August 2020 for the 2020–2021 academic year.

You can see more information about the e-Learning Program online.

You can find frequently asked questions about the new e-Learning Program online.