Design Criteria

Our facilities are learning spaces with central gathering places - flexible structures for student communities to embrace our culture of learning. It is our goal in Lexington County School District One that each of our schools and supporting buildings:

  • Supports 21st century program and learning environment – flexible/collaborative/personalized
  • Inspires learning and engenders pride
  • “Feels like home” – welcoming and inviting
  • Mitigates stress and fatigue – places to relax
  • Fits “Green” standards
  • Engages families and the community
  • Enhances the community and surrounding environment

We accomplish each of these criteria by creating learning environments according to FAC3ES:

  • Flexible - Learning not dependent on time and space
  • Adaptive - Individual needs addressed more effectively through personalized learning
  • Current - Content innovations and student-centric digital learning supported through mobile technology
  • Collaborative - Cross-functional teams, collaborative learning, and professional learning communities
  • Connected - Sense of belonging through nurturing and supportive relationships
  • Excellent - Students and staff strive for excellence in all endeavors
  • Sustainable/Innovative Facility Design - LEED Certification, recycling, and reducing waste (LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system.)