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District Marketing Tools And Branding

The words we print, the pictures we post, the typography we select, and the events we celebrate all communicate who we are.

Every day, our schools, offices and departments create timely and tailored communications for our communities, from paper flyers to websites. 

This page is designed to help increase consistency and clarity in communication throughout the district. Learn about the correct way to use the Lexington County School District One brand and make requests for help below. 

Communications Requests

Flyer Policies

Lexington County School District One works with schools, school support groups, school organizations, and community organizations to make information about not-for-profit activities or services and enrichment opportunities available to families — providing their material meets our standards.

The district does not distribute flyers directly to students.

The district makes approved electronic flyers available to parents through Peachjar and refers to Peachjar all requests from groups or individuals who would like to make their information about not-for-profit activities or enrichment services available to Lexington County School District One students.

Learn more about our electronic flyer system here.

FOIA Requests

Honors and Achievements

Logo Usage

Rules of Engagement for Social Media

Lexington District One’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts are meant to be another source of information to the community, as well as a place for the district to engage with its stakeholders. We share important information about the district, its schools and its employees and promote open and respectful dialogue. Therefore, we expect that the people who use our pages exercise civility and common sense when posting comments to our pages. Please remember that your comments can be viewed by many people in our community and are considered to be in the public domain. While the district does not want to limit the opinions or comments of its community members, certain types of comments will not be tolerated.

Rules for engagement

Social Media

Lexington County School District One’s Communications Office uses social media to share information about the district, schools, students, and employees and to engage in conversations with our stakeholders. You can follow Lexington One on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and YouTubeWhen using our social media pages, please keep in mind the following Rules of Engagement.

  • Lexington One’s mission is to prepare 21st century graduates. Make sure your comments are appropriate for an educational environment and for fans of all ages.

  • You should not expect responses to every question or comment posted in social media.

  • Be respectful. We will not tolerate personal attacks or comments that are deemed offensive to any member of our community.

  • Be factual. We do not allow blatantly inaccurate or false information.

  • Do not post personal issues. If you have a personal issue with a staff member, school or the district, you should communicate with that person directly. The district’s pages were not intended to circumvent regular communication channels for sharing personal issues and concerns. We will remove comments regarding personal issues with the district, a school, student or staff member.

  • We will remove inappropriate remarks or remarks containing profanity.

  • You may not use the district’s FacebookTwitter, or YouTube pages to boost your product sales or run for political office.

  • If you abuse these guidelines, we will remove your post and consider permanently blocking/removing you.