An important message to G6-12 parents

Apr 02 2020

Dear Parents of Students in Grades 6–12:

We realize that the COVID-19 pandemic has created hardships for our communities, employees, and parents. We also realize that this crisis affects each student in different ways. What we value most is your student’s and your family’s health and well-being.

We know that you have questions about how the COVID-19 virus will impact the remainder of the year and hope that this letter will help answer some of those. Please know that we developed these guidelines using the South Carolina Department of Education’s guidance and input from principals, other school leaders, and Central Services.

Continuous learning — Over the last two weeks, teachers established expectations and routines designed to benefit all students. If your student has not started participating in that continuous learning, you should contact the school and connect with your student’s teachers. We will support our students so that they can advance on time regardless of their circumstances.

All middle and high school students will be able to complete their current schedule, including any new fourth-quarter courses, credit recovery courses, or dual enrollment classes. We adjusted the scope and sequence of courses to cover the essential learning our students need to be successful at the next level. Their assignments will prepare them to use the same “power skills” they were applying throughout the year, and students will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate success.

Your students are accountable for their participation in their education. Teachers will not only record students’ efforts and successes in teacher grade books, but they will also provide individual feedback for each student. As they grade new assignments, they will take into consideration the circumstances and will work to help students continue to progress. Soon, you will soon be able to find more details about continuous learning by going to the district’s website here. bit.ly/secondary_elearning

Report cards and grading — As you know, we were scheduled to send out report cards on Friday, March 20, and many of you have asked about when you will receive report cards/grades for your students. Yesterday, we received guidance from the South Carolina Department of Education that states that the SCDE will use the flexibility granted by the U.S. Education Department to make changes in grading for the rest of this year.

The grade earned during the third nine weeks/third quarter will become noted as an “interim” grade. At the end of the year, this grade and any other e-Learning grades will combine to produce one final grade, a final semester grade, for work completed in the third and fourth quarters of the year. We will send report cards out on or after Thursday, June 4, when school ends. Those reports will have one grade that combines grades for work completed in the third and fourth quarters for an overall semester grade.

Parents, remember that you can see your student’s current grades at any time by using the PowerSchool app and your sign-in information. This page for parents has that information. bit.ly/Parent_Page

Spring Break — Yes. Our Spring Break will begin on Monday, April 6, and end on Monday, April 13. Employees and students should take some time off and enjoy their time together. We will resume distance/e-Learning teaching and learning on Tuesday, April 14.

Spring assessments — Many of the tests students usually take in the spring will not be given this year, such as SC READY (English language arts (ELA) and mathematics in grades 3–8) and SCPASS (science in grades 4 and 6). As far as the End-of-Course Examination Program for specific credit-bearing courses such as English, Algebra, Biology, United States History, and the Constitution, the SCDE waived the requirement for these examinations. Since they will no longer be given, they will not count 20 percent.

Parents of seniors — The last day of school for seniors is now Friday, May 15. Please make sure your seniors are completing their e-Learning assignments. All courses must be completed, mastery demonstrated, and course remediation finalized before this last day (May 15). We want every senior to graduate and move forward with their plans to attend college or pursue a career.

We know that you have questions about honor graduate designation and graduation. We plan to follow our uniform grading policy, and we do not yet know what graduation will look like. We will let you know as soon as we do. If we cannot meet as a group, we still hope to create a memorable experience for your seniors.

In closing — We will continue to send you information about changes, deadlines, and other information that affects the school year and your students. We hope that you enjoy your spring break. Remember, together as ONE — we can do this.


Dr. Greg Little, Superintendent
Lexington County School District One