Immersion 5K Registration 2020-2021

Jan 08 2020

The following elementary schools offer dual language immersion programs and an articulated course of study starting at 5-year-old Kindergarten:

Centerville Elementary (Spanish)

Deerfield Elementary (German)

Gilbert Elementary (Spanish)

Midway Elementary (French)

Meadow Glen Elementary (Mandarin)

Pleasant Hill Elementary (Spanish)

Red Bank Elementary (Spanish)

Lexington School District One's Partial Dual Language Immersion Program will begin online registration on February 18th at 4:00 p.m. at www.lexoneworldlanguages.weebly.com.

What is Dual Language Immersion?
Beginning in 5-year-old kindergarten, students receive language and literacy, science and math instruction in a world language. They receive instruction in all other subject areas in English.

Why Immersion?
Becoming bilingual provides the following benefits:

• Enriched mental development
• Better thinking and listening skills
• The ability to communicate in multiple languages
• Exposure to other cultures and countries
• Head start in language study for college and career

For more information contact:
Dr. Liza Speece
Coordinator of World Languages and Immersion