Lexington District One state report cards available online

Oct 01 2019

For the second year, the South Carolina Department of Education released school, district and state report cards that fulfill the requirements of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act. These 2019 report cards used a new system of calculations based on the requirements of that federal law (ESSA), and reflect performance and testing that occurred during the 2018–2019 school year.

Each elementary, middle and high school received an excellent, good, average, below average or unsatisfactory overall performance rating based on a 100-point scale. The district received a report card but no rating.

Gilbert Primary School and the Lexington Technology Center will not receive a report card. Beechwood Middle School did not exist last year and did not receive a report card.
Lexington District One schools received six excellent, seven good, 12 average, three below average and no unsatisfactory overall performance ratings.

They also received excellent, good, average, below average or unsatisfactory ratings for seven other report card indicators. These indicators are student achievement, preparing for success, student progress, high school graduation rates, college and career ready, English learners, and school quality.

Dr. Greg Little stated, “Staff across the district work hard every day to empower each child to design the future. We will continue to evaluate our work to improve student academic achievement and growth.”

School report cards can be found at SCReportCards.com or on each school’s page on our website. For an “at a glance” view of Lexington County School District One 2019 S.C. School Report Cards, click here.