Online registration opens Tuesday, July 23

Jul 22 2019

Lexington District One offers parents an opportunity to register their students, fill out paperwork and even pay fees online through our Online Registration system. Parents who use this system believe it speeds up the process on schedule pick up day.

Some time this week, someone at your child’s school will email you some instructions and a secure code, called a snapcode, that you will need to use to register your child through Online Registration.

Since 97 percent of our students have a parent email address on record in PowerSchool, this email will come to the email address you listed in PowerSchool as the primary parent email address.

If you do not get an email from your child’s school by Monday, July 29, don’t worry. We will send another message later with further instructions.

If you have a question about your snapcode or the online registration process, please call your child’s school directly.

If you do not have access to the internet at home, work or at your local library but you would like to register your child online, you can do that at your child’s school. Just call the school to find out when you can use a school computer to register online.

Please remember that most schools have only one person in their front office during the summer, and you may have to call the school more than one time.

You can also get information and updates about this process, as well as every school’s schedule pick up date on our website.