Pelion Parents, this one’s for you

Mar 22 2019

Lexington County School District One and Prisma Health (formerly Palmetto Health) have partnered to launch an extra health care opportunity for our Pelion Attendance Area students. Working together, we can better help you meet the health needs of your students.

Telehealth, a school-based health component and clinical program, allows your students to receive primary care services in the school health room. This does not replace your existing primary health care provider, but provides help in non-emergency health situations.

Your school nurse will connect to a licensed health care provider for non-emergency health needs. If your student needs a prescription after the telehealth visit, it can be sent to your local pharmacy.

The telehealth program works to:
help students feel better, quicker.
reduce missed time from school.
reduce parents’ missed workdays.
eliminate transportation barriers to health care.

As your student’s parent/guardian, the school nurse will contact you before setting up any telehealth visit with your student.

To see how the telehealth program works, you can watch a video about the program in place at Richland County School District One by clicking on this link: https://youtu.be/7-rDRd6tujU.

If you want your student to participate in this program, you must complete the consent packet. There are several ways to do this:
You can complete the consent packet electronically online by going to this web address and creating an account — https://sbth.palmettohealth.org/sbth/login.
You can download, print and complete the consent packet and return it to the school.
You can ask your school nurse for a printed consent packet.

You can pick up a printed consent packet at the Pelion Area Schools Showcase on 
Tuesday, March 26, from 5:30 to 7 P.M. 
at Pelion High School (600 Lydia Drive).

We are very pleased to offer you this opportunity and encourage you to complete the consent packet as soon as possible so that your student can receive services if needed.