If you get a call from 803-591-9406, it’s fake.

Oct 12 2020

It has been reported to us that an individual calling from 803-591-9406 is calling high school parents. When we search this telephone number, we get Shenek Carmenruiz, Seay St, Barnwell, Barnwell, South Carolina. In some searches, we get Deltacom, a telephone service.

We believe this to be a scam.

In the call the individual claims to represent the information center for SAT PSAT. There is no Information Center or Info Center associated with the College Board. He also uses the actual name of the parent/guardian’s child.

The caller states that he is sending a packet that includes a study guide and DVDs for the SAT PSAT for a student. However, he asks for credit card information.

He then explains that it is free unless the parent/guardian does not return the DVDs. The card would be charged $214.

The College Board shared this with us. https://about.collegeboard.org/important-information-about-telemarketing-internet-scams