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Collaborative Planning Information

This revision is a work-in-progress that represents continuing progress in using a powerful concept and process for improvement of student learning at all levels. The concepts are based largely on the work of Michael Schmoker, cited throughout the guide. His work has been elaborated and extended by numerous well-respected educators.

The process advocated in this guide has been used effectively in many schools. Experience in Lexington County School District One and elsewhere has shown that the process is most effective when it centers on the use of collaborative assessments, which provide valuable data to inform instructional planning. This guide is a compilation of resources for collaborative planning at the school level. Because different schools will bring varying levels of expertise and experience to the planning process, this guide is not intended to be necessarily prescriptive. Read it quickly to get a sense of the overall process and then work through it in stages.

Guidebook Overview

Framework for Collaborative Planning

Section I of the Guide provides background information to assist you in understanding the planning process and timelines as well as providing for you the concepts of collaborative planning based on research to improve instruction. A clear understanding of this mindset will provide a framework for efficient and meaningful meetings and ultimately effective results.

Teamwork Tool Kit

No meaningful product or results can be achieved without the proper tools. In this section you will find the tools that will assist you in planning together, as well as a description of the various roles and components of the collaborative planning process. Protocols for meeting activities and forms for recording goals and progress are included.

Collaboration in Action

This is YOUR section. Maintain your team goals, lesson plans, assessments, and notes in this section. Other information housed here might include test data on your specific students, copies of minutes from previous meetings and rubrics.