Social Studies

Social studies in the primary years (K-2) focuses on building community, learning about each students’ unique surroundings, learning the basic duties of the citizen, and the introduction of geography, economics, government, and history.  In grade three, students begin to closely analyze the history of South Carolina and the people and events that shaped our state, while a broader approach to United States history is offered in grades four and five.  Grades six and seven focus on world history and look at the human story from the ancient civilizations all the way through modern history while grade eight takes a more in-depth look at our state’s history as it coincides with the history of our nation. 

At the secondary level, Lexington One offers a comprehensive and rigorous social studies curriculum that allows students a variety of paths to meet individual needs and interests. Advanced Placement social studies courses are available at all district high schools. United States History and Constitution has a state-mandated end-of-course test that counts for 20% of the course grade.

World History, Economics, United States Government, and a variety of elective social studies courses are all available to our high school students, and they are listed in the district course guide.

If you have any questions or comments about the social studies curriculum in Lexington County School District One, please contact:

Albert Robertson
Coordinator of Social Studies