Grading and Assessment

Successfully learning and becoming fluent in a second language requires lots of practice and use by the student. To be sure our students are progressing in their chosen language of study, we administer performance-based assessments at every level, beginning in 3rd grade. These assessments allow students to demonstrate their capabilities through real-world tasks and scenarios.

Students take a summative assessment at the end of each unit that tests three modes of communication:

  • Interpretive - listening and reading
  • Interpersonal - listening, speaking, and writing
  • Presentational - speaking and writing

Students receive a proficiency rating on a scale from 1-20 at the end of each grading period that describes the level of language the student can sustain consistently at least 80% of the time. These ratings are broken down into five descriptors:

  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Superior
  • Distinguished

Beginning in middle school, world language learners are eligible to earn Carnegie Credits after reaching a course proficiency rating of "10" or above. Carnegie credits are converted into numeric grades, which are then computed into the student's GPA.

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