Enrollment Procedures

Lexington One Online Learning Academy (LOOLA) is a flexible, online learning option for Lexington District One students. Students who wish to take advantage of this option should talk with their counselor to begin the enrollment process listed below:

1) Students contact their counselor to see if a LOOLA course can help them accomplish their academic goals.

2) Counselors submit a recommendation for the student to enroll in a specific course.

3) Parent/guardian makes payment for the online course and a parent/guardian acknowledgment is submitted. The tuition fee is $200 for 1 credit hour ($100 for .5 credit.) You can find a list of available courses here.

4) The online instructor contacts the student and parent to schedule an orientation phone call. 

5) The instructor conducts the orientation call with the parent and student to establish course expectations, determine best methods for communication, and agree upon a target completion date for the course. 

6) LOOLA coordinates with the student's school to add the course to the student's record in PowerSchool. 

If you have questions regarding LOOLA enrollment procedures contact dsistare@lexington1.net or Howard Bissell at hbissell@lexington1.net.