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Lexington One Online Learning Academy (LOOLA) provides the opportunity for students to learn at any time, any place, and at any pace. LOOLA  students are self-directed learners who develop critical thinking and communication skills by interacting with online content and their instructors in an online learning environment. Virtual courses allow students to work through online units of study as they master course content and employ power skills. LOOLA students possess academic integrity and discipline, as well as excellent time management skills.

Who is a candidate for Virtual School?

Full-time Lexington One students are eligible to enroll in Lexington One Online Learning Academy. LOOLA can provide flexibility for students who:

  • need to earn credits at an accelerated pace for on-time graduation.

  • want to participate in dual credit/AP/IB/honors courses, programs of study, or any face-to-face course and can not fit it in a traditional schedule.

  • are home-based via their 504 and must stay on pace for on-time graduation.

  • have a circumstance that prevents them from earning credits in a traditional environment.

The following personal skills and aptitudes will greatly contribute to a student’s success:

  • Self-motivation – Students can direct their own learning environment and methods to fulfill course requirements and achieve individual academic success.

  • Computer literate – Although it is not necessary to have advanced computer skills, students should possess a working knowledge of e-mail, the Internet, and basic keyboarding skills.

  • Time management – Students must be able to organize and plan their own best “time to learn.” There is no one best time for everyone, but the key to learning is to make the time to learn.

  • Effective written communication skills – Students must use e-mail and discussion forums to communicate with their instructor. The ability to write clearly to communicate ideas and assignments is essential.

  • Personal commitment – Because there are no bells that begin and end classes, students must have a strong desire to learn and achieve knowledge and skills via online courses. Making a commitment to learning in this manner is a very personal decision and requires a strong commitment to performing in order to achieve academic success. We believe that every individual who has the motivation and self-direction to take our courses will achieve success in our “anytime, any place, any pace” virtual environment. Meeting the needs of our individual students is our top priority.

What is a Virtual School?

Virtual schools offer courses over the Internet rather than in a classroom. Students complete the coursework at their own pace and may communicate with fully certified teachers throughout the course. Most course material is available on the computer, although occasionally a book or other supplemental material is also required.

Where is the Virtual School located?

Participants access the Virtual School through the Internet. If the Internet is accessible, participants can learn from any place, any space, anytime.

When are courses available through the Virtual School?

Courses are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, anywhere there is Internet connectivity for the learner.

Why a Virtual School?

Parents and students are looking for innovation in student achievement. Lexington One Online Learning Academy is committed to quality coursework and maintaining high standards for students.

Students who desire to take additional course work will find their needs can be met in the Virtual School. Courses are not considered part of a regular school day schedule. Students will work at their own pace, time, and place.

Lexington One Online Learning Academy offers students in Lexington School District One:

  • One-on-one instruction delivered by Lexington One certified teachers who teach within their certification areas.

  • A curriculum that meets or exceeds all South Carolina State Standards and National Standards.

  • Pace and methods that can be fashioned to meet specific student needs.

Courses completed through the Virtual School will appear on official transcripts.

Click here if you are a Lexington One student who needs to register for a Virtual South Carolina course final exam.