Coronavirus fact checker

Does it matter if the students use cold water to wash their hands?

According to the CDC, the temperature of the water is not a factor. It’s the soap.

Here’s a good link to an article about that called “The temperature doesn’t matter.” 

Has the district canceled any travel?

Yes. The district canceled upcoming trips to China, Italy, Japan, and France based on the CDC’s travel advisories and the travel agencies involved with the planning of those trips. 

We continue to monitor the CDC’s ever-changing travel advisories closely. 

Today (03-10-2020), we canceled or rescheduled some quickly approaching field trips in the United States and continue working with the CDC and SCDHEC health officials to make sure we are doing everything we can to ensure our students stay healthy.

How are you cleaning schools?

We met with our schools’ head custodians and maintenance staff on Wednesday, March 4. 

At that meeting, we reviewed the need to clean daily all commonly touched surfaces with an Environmental Protection Agency registered disinfectant.

If the district does not cancel travel and we are not comfortable with our child traveling to a location, what happens?

Parents always have the right to make the decision that they feel is in the best interest of their child.