Alternative Licensure

The state of South Carolina values teachers from all backgrounds and offers multiple pathways to licensure. Many of these lead to full, professional licensure, while others are only temporary.

PACE Program

The Program of Alternative Certification for Educators (PACE) is one of the most popular alternative licensure pathways. This program offers qualified professionals with classroom experience while they complete an outlined series of training and courses.

American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE)

For those wishing to teach English, mathematics, or science at the secondary level, the ABCTE is an excellent option. After a series of examinations in one of the subject areas, individuals can work toward professional licensure and full-time teaching employment.

Adjunct Teacher Licensure

The Adjunct Teaching License allows experts in a particular field to teach up to two credit-bearing courses in their area of expertise over the course of an academic year. Individuals must be employed by a South Carolina public school to qualify for the Adjunct license. Unlike the other forms of alternative licensure, this license cannot be converted into a professional license.