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Lexington County School District One is not just a school district, but a community. Parents, students, employees, volunteers, and the public collaborate to build one educational system that fosters 21st century graduates who are innovative, multilingual, and accomplished.

Because of the many different types of people our district serves, we aim to make it easier for them all to participate in shaping the district. The resources provided to them based on their needs reflect our district’s responsiveness to best serving not only our students, but all of our contributors.

a Student

Through our district site, students have access to a number of research tools, including Destiny and Discus. Students can also review our Personal Mobile Computing guidelines so that they can utilize the most advanced technology in the best way possible.

a Parent / Guardian

Parents and guardians of Lexington One students can view and download resources, such as how to register for school and necessary immunizations. They can also find out about how their students are protected while in our schools.

an Employee

Lexington County School District One employees are leaders, both inside and outside of the classroom. Our teachers, administrators, and support staff are beacons of excellence for our students and proudly represent our district in everything they do.

Because of our outstanding employees, Lexington County School District One continues to be one of the best-performing school districts in South Carolina.

Click here to access the Secure Employee Portal.
Click here to access employee resources.

a Former Employee, Substitute, or Temporary Employee

Former employees, substitutes, and temporary employees can access the Employee Online system to view their payment and personal information on file. Tutorials on how to use the Employee Online system are also available for your use at any time.

a Prospective Employee

Those looking to work for our district can view all of our available positions through our online employment system, which also includes an application. Information on obtaining different certifications is available through our site with links to other resources for further information.

a Visitor

As one of the fastest-growing school districts in South Carolina, we welcome many visitors to our schools. Whether you are looking to conduct research in our schools or are simply thinking of moving to the area, we invite you to explore what Lexington One has to offer.