Lexington 10 recognizes middle school basketball champions

Feb 18 2021

The Lexington 10 conference consists of middle schools from across our district as well as Lexington School District Three and Lexington School District Four.

Beechwood Middle’s Lady Bengals captured the 2020–2021 Lexington 10 girls basketball championship by defeating Lexington Middle 30 to 17. Seventh grader Kailen Parks led the team in scoring with 18 points in the championship game.

“The girls worked hard on and off the court, and were able to overcome adversity this season. They persevered, and it paid off,” said assistant coach Jaya Gantt.

Because the boys championship game was cancelled, the conference named the final two teams co-champions for the 2020–2021 season. Congratulations to both Lexington Middle and White Knoll Middle on successful seasons.

The LMS Wildcats finished the season with nine wins and two losses. Center Pac Pitts led the team in scoring and point guard Yasir Cromer led the team in steals.

“We set high expectations for our team because we had five returning players from last year’s championship team. The Wildcats worked together to reach their goal of another conference championship,” said coach Michael Stratton.

WKMS’s boys basketball team finished the regular season with 11 wins and two losses. The War Hawks beat Meadow Glen Middle in the North Division Championship earlier this month, earning them a spot in the Lexington 10 championship game for the second year in a row.

The eighth-grade class leaves WKMS as the winningest class in school history with 23 combined wins.

“We are very proud of our War Hawks and the hard work they put in over the season,” said coach John Sellars. “They certainly earned the title by maintaining our shared vision of being disciplined, respecting one another and creating a family-like atmosphere on a daily basis.”

Beechwood Middle

Candace Newton and Jaya Gantt

Jaleya M. Alewine-Lytes, Grade 7
Adriana V. Barron, Grade 8
Zoe E. Bart, Grade 8
Cassidy F. DeRienzo, Grade 7
Emily K. DeRienzo, Grade 8
Adriana R. Dunat, Grade 7
Asia D. Johnson, Grade 7
Hannah C. Jones, Grade 8
Mayley M. Lindler, Grade 7
Kailen J. Parks, Grade 7
Jazlyn N. Snow, Grade 8
Lillian “Lily” R. Sundell, Grade 7

Lexington Middle

Michael Stratton, Jordan Hiller and Chad Jones

Yasir O. Cromer, Grade 8
Brock B. Godfrey, Grade 8
Walker D. Godwin, Grade 7
Samuel O. Hiller, Grade 8
Kyle R. Jenkins, Grade 7
Cooper B. Jones, Grade 8
Raymond M. Kastner, Grade 7
Jonas D. Middlebrook, Grade 7
Pascal “Pac” W. Pitts, Grade 8
Bryson C. Raszewski, Grade 8
James H. “Hutch” Rogers, Grade 7
Michael P. Shields, Grade 7
Ja’Syious “Jay” I. Simmons, Grade 8
Isaiah L. Smith, Grade 7

White Knoll Middle

John Sellars, Larry Nordone and Eric Phillips

N. Braydon Cooper, Grade 7
Chance E. Culley, Grade 8
Anjewel “A.J.” S. Edwards, Grade 8
Keyshawn H. Harris, Grade 7
Zion A.M. Job, Grade 8
Jordan C. Keith, Grade 7
Treyvon L. Maddox, Grade 8
Brandon J. Mike, Grade 8
Kolton E. Rogers, Grade 7
Jake J. Sharpe, Grade 8
Landon M. Sharpe, Grade 8
Bryson R. Steele, Grade 8