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“Our goal is to approach this purposefully, strategically and intentionally,” said Dr. Greg Little, superintendent. 

Stronger Together represents our collective efforts as educators, parents and community to create an education plan that supports learning and mental health.”

As Lexington County School District One plans for the 2020–2021 school year, keeping our more than 27,300 students and 4,000 staff safe while providing a high-quality education remains the district’s top priority.

As this process continues, we will update this webpage with more information. We hope that you will check back often to learn what we are doing as we navigate that process. We encourage you to share your questions for us by emailing

student using ipadOnline Learning Academy

Many of you want to know what a virtual learning day looks like. To answer you, we created an explanation called Lexington District One’s Online Learning Academy.

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These answers are based on the information we have currently, and they could change. You will also see some unanswered questions. We will continue to answer those.


06-30-2020 — Lexington District One suspends face to face athletic workouts, academic camps
06-30-2020 — Lexington District One suspends face to face athletic workouts, academic camps

Today, out of an abundance of caution, Lexington County School
District One suspended all current face to face athletic practices, workouts, and activities as
well as the face to face 5-year-old kindergarten and first grade Academic Recovery Camps
scheduled for July 6–30.

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06-18-2020 — Athletics Begin to Return
06-18-2020 — Athletics Begin to Return

Lexington District One athletes are returning to school-sponsored team sports.

The South Carolina High School League (SCHSL) taskforce has proposed a three-phase approach. Lexington District One is currently in Phase One. The SCHSL has not released Phases Two and Three and movement through these phases is contingent upon successfully meeting the challenges of each prior phase. Read more...

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back to school proposals

The back to school proposals were presented to the Lexington District One Board of Trustees at their June 23, 2020 meeting.

You can read the presentation here.
You can watch the presentation here.

In order to see the proposed plans for elementary schools, click on the Elementary Schools diagram below. To see the proposed plans for middle and high schools, do the same. Just click on the Middle Schools or High School diagram below.


Lexington District One gathered information from parent and student surveys regarding their experiences with the online/e-learning and other methods used from March 16 through the end of the 2019–2020 academic year.

District administrators formed a 15-member Reentry Task Force charged with researching and learning everything they could about the ways other states and districts were approaching the next school year while carefully protecting student and staff health and wellbeing.

Subcommittees made up of school administrators at each grade band — elementary, middle and high — and members of individual divisions and departments created detailed proposals describing their recommendations for what learning might look like in the fall.

Their work then went to focus groups of parents, doctors, students, teachers, nurses, support staff, etc., for feedback. 

In addition, the district initiated a new tool called Thoughtexchange to gather the thoughts and suggestions of parents and employees that we need to consider as we plan to reopen our schools this fall after the COVID-19 school closures this March. 

The feedback gathered from the focus groups and the Thoughtexchange went to another team, the Drafting Team. That team will improve the original detailed proposals using the work of those groups.