09-29-2020 — COVID-19 affects two varsity Pelion High football games

Pelion High School postponed two varsity football games after a COVID-19 positive exposure resulted in the team being unable to play or practice. This decision did not impact Pelion High’s junior varsity or B teams.

Any COVID-19 exposure results in the quarantining of direct exposure (close contact for more than 15 minutes within less than six feet) to an individual(s) that tested positive for COVID-19.

The team was scheduled to play Silver Bluff High (Oct. 2) and Wade Hampton High (Oct. 9). Pelion High will reschedule those games.

The district believes that when students follow their passion, whether athletics, the arts, or other extracurricular activities, their participation helps shape them into responsible, well-rounded adults.

The district makes its contact tracing and quarantining process public on its webpage in the COVID-19 Parent/Guardian Communications Guide. All Lexington District One parents received this information on Sept. 8.