06-18-2020 — Athletics Begin to Return

LHS weight roomLexington District One athletes are returning to school-sponsored team sports.

The South Carolina High School League (SCHSL) taskforce has proposed a three-phase approach. Lexington District One is currently in Phase One. The SCHSL has not released Phases Two and Three and movement through these phases is contingent upon successfully meeting the challenges of each prior phase.

The overarching goal of ALL phases is to minimize or eliminate the number of COVID-19 cases that can be attributed to time spent in organized sports activities. To be successful in moving forward through the phases, it is very important that all participants, coaches and staff follow the recommended guidelines — not just during organized sports activities but also while away from sporting activities. 

Each phase has written procedures that apply across all individual and team sports based on the venue (indoor vs. outdoor) while considering anticipated person-to-person contact.

These procedures do not guarantee that the transmission of the COVID-19 will not occur within those participating in workouts. There is still a risk of transmission and contracting COVID-19 and other illnesses. Students, Coaches or Staff who feel they do not want to risk contracting COVID-19 should refrain from participation in the voluntary school workouts.

Currently, all of our sports teams are following the SCHSL Phase One Guidelines for Return of Team Sports.
A list of important Phase One guidelines follows.

RBHS athletes on the field1. Student-athlete and parent read, sign and return the “Lexington School District One Permission, Release and Hold-Harmless Agreement.”
2. Social distancing must be practiced on school campuses. We encourage everyone to wear a mask.
3. All participants (students and coaches) maintain a minimum of six feet of physical distancing between participants at all times.
4. Daily health screenings of athletes, coaches, and staff by a healthcare professional or designated full-time district/school employee take place.
5. All equipment and facilities receive regular cleaning and sanitation.
6. Athletes, coaches and staff come dressed for participation. 
7. All individuals must wear masks at all times when not participating in athletic activity.
8. Individuals should bring a personal water bottle, labeled with their name, to each workout. They should not share this bottle with anyone.
9. Athletic groups are limited to no more than 10 individuals per practice facility. Twelve feet of spacing will be maintained during athletic activity.  
10. Visitors are not allowed in the practice area.
11. Any coach, athlete or staff member who feels sick should stay home and not report to practice.
12. Your child’s school administrators and coach will communicate specific activities and details related to your child’s team. These will include arrival/departure times and process, how to access the facility, and how and when to use the equipment. 

Please contact your child’s head coach or the school’s athletic director with specific questions about your child’s sports activities.